What can you expect from the launch of the first campaign?

GRIPNR’s first on-chain campaign, The Glimmering, is a 5e-based, roleplaying and storytelling world designed for on-chain play with NFT Heroes. We are releasing 10,000 genesis NFT Heroes, with all hand-drawn attributes designed for gameplay. Every unique Hero has individual rarities and attributes including classes, ancestry, traits, and backgrounds. Members of our community who mint the genesis collection will receive benefits right away while waiting for on-chain play. Think one-shot adventures, treasure airdrops, on-chain testing, – we are planning away!

In phase two of our roadmap, we will offer on-chain play. All game outcomes will be logged on-chain. As your Hero levels up and gains Experience Points (XP) and treasure, you'll watch them morph over time. That means every NFT Hero can become rarer and more valuable via gameplay alone. We are ready for the next level of TTRPG play – a world connected through technology, unlocking the keys to imagination around the globe. We can’t wait to share more as we approach our launch date!

Who is behind The Glimmering?

Where and how can I play The Glimmering?

What is the benefit of bringing blockchain technology to TTRPGs?

Why should you collect genesis NFT Heroes before the launch of our on-chain play platform?

Is there an allowlist to mint a genesis collection NFT and, if so, how can you get on the list?

I’ve been invited to the allow list! What address should I submit?

Do you need to own an NFT to play The Glimmering adventures?

What is GRIPNR doing with the money it raises from the mint of the genesis NFTs?

What blockchain is The Glimmering building on?

What is the environmental impact of blockchain technology?

Will The Glimmering games support any gameplay in the metaverse?

Are The Glimmering’s NFTs trustworthy?