The Glimmering

Weird things stir in the Worldteeth Mountains.

In a section of the mountain range once thought devoid of resources and haunted by strange glimmering mists, miners found the strange jumpstone.

This peculiar, vibrating stone was discovered to store strange energies and, once properly prepared, became a potent alchemical reagent. Now a once lonely mountain pass, formerly the domain of goblins and their pet baboons, bustles with mining camps and tent towns as citizens throughout the Moonstone Empire search for riches through mining or commerce.

But as they dig, strange events swirl.

The Glimmering, those strange purple moat-filled mists appear more often and in thicker patches. Rumors swirl of strange creatures roaming those mists, some taking the form of the living.

The goblins are agitated, and their shaman warns of an upcoming upheaval. Already, a group of their baboons has rebelled, most latching on to the miners and adventurers of the region while others rove in troops led by leaders of their own kind who some say possess language and cunning. Stranger still, elves from the isles are starting to gather in the region, suddenly very interested in the place and jumpstone, though none will reveal why. Quakes around dig sights have become common, and reports of giants and trolls come from the eastern camps.

But these events have not slowed the influx of Imperials into the region, now joined by adventurers looking to face dangers and find glory within the Glimmering Gap.

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