The World
To Asuwa

The mysteries of The Glimmering take place in a tiny corner in the far north of a world called Asuwa.

No one knows how long Asuwa has spun around its star or its moons have revolved around it. No one knows how it was created or its ultimate fate. But what the folks of the Moonstone Empire do know is that it is governed by the Virtues, both bright and hidden, the source of divine magic. The world is infused with magic, spawning elementals and empowering druidic circles. And even stranger magics, arcana, can be harnessed through ritual and method, strange rites, or devotion to a patron. It’s a world that thrums with magic.

It’s a world of many people, many of them dangerous.

While some people, like the various folk of the Moonstone Empire, live in harmony with one another, the great masses beyond those lands constantly compete for power and resources. The people of the Lawless Coast raid those who refuse to trade, and sometimes even those who do. Dragons oversee tyrannical regimes wherever they land, while giants and their kin see smaller folk as no better than annoying insects. Southern lands are said to be ruled by wise elemental beings or empires of cruel serpentfolk. And within every corner of the world, strange things slither, crawl, carving their way in the world, ambushing their prey.

In Asuwa, promise abounds, and danger lurks everywhere. But fame, glory, and renown do not fall in one’s lap. You must take what is yours.

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